Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For Surgeon's Eyes - But You Can Look

So this is a weird post. I need to have the pictures of Ashley's hand available for the surgeons in Denver. The easiest way is to post to my blog, then they can review, study and print them if they wish.


To Docs:  Dr. Jennifer Forest removed the cast at 11:00 am on Tuesday, March 29.  Ashley had been cast for 29 days.  After removal of the cast, her hand and forearm went into spasms.  Dr. F used compression to stop spasm.  A splint is being used to wean her from the support. 
At 24 hours after removing cast, Ashley reporsts that she feels she has more use of hand. She can flex fingers.  I have noticed her using the hand more as well.

Hand Open

Can touch fingers to thumb

Fingers Open except pinky which continued to tuck.  She had lots of pain in the joints of the pinky while in the cast.  Post-surgery might need to cast hand further around fingers to prevent curling.  She has callouses on inside thumb joints where her fingers would curl and rub on the cast itself.

Cast off - 1 minute
Fingers curl up instead of down

Cast off 9 hours.

Fisting.  Could open. 

Touching fingers

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