Friday, July 17, 2009

The World as Our Classroom

Did you know that God can teach life lessons anywhere? Well, if you're a mom you know that. We teach our kids every moment of the day. In the car, at lunch, in the potty. God's pretty versatile too.

Today, Chris and I set off to WM for two prescriptions, one gift and two bags of ice. Two hours and 10 minutes later - yes, 130 minutes of our life gone! - we left the store. No, we weren't getting more things, we were just waiting. And waiting. We ate lunch. And waited. Visited with 4 different families. And Waited.

By the time we checked with the phramcy for the 7 time - they were ready!!!! Good thing they were considered "Critical!". (just label they dr. attached to help things along.) The sweet lady was checking us and started to apologize, we just started laughing. I threw my hands up the air and yelled, "We WIN! We're the Most Patient Customers of the Day!" They were all laughing.

Now, what did I learn? I choose my reactions. Being mad or mean would not have filled the order any faster. And I would have been teaching Chris that outside influences can control us.

Nah, make a memory. Learn a lesson.

So the next time your prescription is late, go to Blimpies, get a drink and a bag of chips. Go sit on the benches by the first aid aisle and wait. Visit with your kids or companion. Laugh. Visit with passersby. You choose.

Choose Happiness!!

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  1. That's awesome! So glad you were able to turn a potentially frustrating event into a fun memory! Love you guys!